If your loved one has passed, please accept our sincerest condolences and contact the Rectory at 516-489-8585 with their information. We will put your loved one's name on our Memorial web page (click here), and Irene Peplinski, our Director of Human Services, will reach out to you and your family to offer grief support.
Due to the pandemic, funeral Masses have not been permitted. However, we wish to help our families that have lost a loved one by offering a Memorial Mass at a later date. 
In addition, our priest can bless the coffin en route to the cemetery. The hearse will park in front of the Church and the coffin may be partially pulled out for the blessing. This has recently been permitted by the diocese.  
At your request, the funeral home will contact the Rectory the day before the burial to schedule the blessing.  A confirmation callback to the funeral home from the Rectory is required to secure the assignment of a priest for the blessing.
With this blessing we wish to offer comfort and support to you and your family, from our priests and Ministers of Consolation, during this difficult time... may your loved ones rest in peace, Amen.

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