Twenty Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Parish Message:

More important than material possessions are knowing, loving and serving Jesus.

The Gospel narrative of the rich man is a cautionary tale. Clearly, he is a “good person.” He tells Jesus that he has always obeyed the commandments, and Jesus takes him at his word. But Jesus also tells him that something is missing for him to be truly holy and thus worthy of inheriting the eternal life which he came to Jesus seeking. As good as he is, his possessions are standing in the way of his being holy. Not only does he possess them, but they possess him. When Jesus challenges him to break their hold on him by giving them up, he goes away sad because he really can’t imagine not having them. In his scheme of things, happiness is not found in following Jesus but in holding on to material goods even though they can’t bring him eternal life.   


Parish Question for Reflection:

How do I react when Jesus calls me to make a sacrifice: do I follow him with joy or walk away from him because other things are more important to me than he is? Do I believe that nothing is more important than knowing, loving and serving Jesus?

Parish Intention:

May we, as a community, have the right priorities, choosing Jesus and eternal life over material possessions.