First Sunday of Advent

Parish Message:

Let us begin the season of Advent with the fervent prayer, “Come, Lord Jesus” to fulfill our hopes for your eternal kingdom.

As we make this prayer for God’s kingdom to be established in its fullness, the readings in our Liturgy exhort us to be ready. St. Paul, through the Thessalonians, asks the Lord to increase our love for one another so that we may be strengthened and “be blameless in holiness before our God and Father at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all his holy ones.” Thus, he reminds us that we pray for and await the Lord’s coming not as isolated individuals. Rather we do so as a community of disciples who are called to support one another in preparing for Jesus’ return in glory. Jesus himself urges us in the gospel to be vigilant, not allowing our hearts to be made drowsy by the pleasures of this world or “the anxieties of daily life.” Our concern above all is that in the day of his coming we may be found worthy “to stand before the Son of Man.”

Parish Question for Reflection:

As a community and as individual believers, do we truly hope and pray for the coming of Jesus in glory? Are we preparing for it through, prayer, reflection on scripture and our good works?

Parish Intention:

May “Thy Kingdom Come!” always be the prayer in our hearts and on our lips.