Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Parish Message:

Jesus invites us to share in his mission of announcing the kingdom of God. What is our response?

One of the most extraordinary things about God’s interaction with his human family is his desire to communicate with us through one another. In the Hebrew Scriptures, we see this in the call his gives to a variety of men to be prophets, He authorizes to speak to his people in his name, “Thus says the Lord.” The marvelous vision described in the first reading is God’s call to Isaiah to be a prophet. At prayer in the Temple, Isaiah has an awe-inspiring vision of God’s glory. He is terrified because he is unworthy to see the greatness of God. However, he is purified by the action of one of God’s angels. When he hears God asking his heavenly court who shall be sent to announce his word, Isaiah springs into action, crying out, “Here I am! Send me!” The Gospel passage seems at first far removed from the glory of the Temple. Jesus is preaching by the seashore. Seeing some fishermen finishing up after an unsuccessful fishing expedition, Jesus asks them to try again. When the results this time are spectacularly successful, Peter has the same sense of unworthiness as Isaiah had in the Temple. He senses himself to be in the presence of divine power and authority. As with Isaiah, despite his unworthiness, he is selected by Jesus to join him in his mission. Through our baptisms, we too have received the call to spread God’s word. It is his choice not ours, and we should respond as both Isaiah and Peter did by joining in spreading the word of the coming of God’s kingdom.    

Parish Question for Reflection:

Do I allow feelings of unworthiness keep from announcing God’s word to others?

Parish Intention:

May the grace of our baptism inspire each of us to respond to God’s call to bring his word to others with the enthusiasm of Isaiah’s “Here I am, Send me!”