Use of St. Thomas the Apostle Facilities

You can download a facility reservation form by CLICKING HERE.


Facilities at both our main Church and the Chapel are available for parish-related use, as well as non-parish activities that are consistent with St. Thomas the Apostle's mission and values.  Usage by non-parish groups must be approved by the Pastor and proof of insurance coverage must be provided.


*Additional information can be found in the attached memo (click here).

Priority for the use of the facilities is given to:

Parish Programs
Parish Organizations
Church sponsored activities (e.g., Scouting, Sports, Senior Clubs)
Diocesan programs

Reservation requests will be reviewed as they are received.  Options will be offered in the case of conflicts. Additional request forms may be submitted whenever a need arises.

Facility access should be arranged through the parish office. Keys are to be signed out/returned at the Rectory Office.  Event sponsors must advise the facility scheduler in advance of cancellations or changes in requirements.


No illegal drugs are allowed in the buildings or on the grounds.
Smoking is prohibited.
Church-owned items are not to be removed from the premises. If furniture or equipment is damaged or broken, the group using the facility is responsible for replacement in kind.

Rooms (including restrooms and kitchens) are to be left as they were found (with respect to their cleanliness, furniture arrangement, etc.). Nothing is to be affixed to walls or ceilings. Lights are to be turned out when not in use and doors kept locked.

Group sponsors are to ensure that proper behavior and conduct are maintained during the use of our facilities.

St. Thomas will not be responsible for the loss or theft of any personal property.

Please notify the Parish Office (516) 489-8585 of any problems.