Thanks and Prayers for Essential Workers

We thank all of the Frontline Responders and Essential Workers in our St. Thomas the Apostle Parish Family who are doing so much to make sure we all have what we need.  Let us pray for their good health and safety as they continue their important work during these challenging days.  (If a name is underlined, you can click for a photo.)
Colleen Adams - RN
Kevin Adams - MTA
Dr. Michael Alaimo - Physician
Peter Amoruoso - Electrician
Jennifer Angwin - Nurse
Jessica Angwin - Nurse
Keith Arndt - NYPD
Dr. Brenda Marcano Benfante - ICU Volunteer at Long Island Jewish
Jessie Boodoo - Sales Specialist
Lee Boodoo - Industrial Painter
Daniel Burke - Pharmacy
John Burke - Hospital Worker
Christina Catalano - School Lunch
Shannon Cedeno - Scientist in Hospital
Adriana Clark - Doctor's Office Receptionist
Shannon Cleary - RN
Janice Dollard - JIB
Sanjay Fernando - Doctor
Surani Fernando - Doctor
Frank Franco - Sanitation
Mervyn Frank - Construction Worker
Shaun Frank - Construction Worker
Geela Franklin - RN at Good Samaritan Hospital
Eric Gallipoli - UPS
Alba Genova - Police Officer
Dr. Gerald Gentile - Healthcare
Janny Gentile - Healthcare
Tara Haberman - Nurse, MSK
Randy Haberstroh - Electrician
Ana Hallinan - Physician Assistant, LIJ
Leo Hill - Mail Carrier
Zach Hill - Sanitation Worker
Deena Interdonati - RN
Bridget Johnson - ER Nurse
Elizabeth Kaminski - RN
Emily Kaminski - RN
Adam Kuchner - UPS
Rob Lang - Police Officer, Malverne PD
Kara Lange - Nurse
Anna Libranti - RN
Nicole Lopez - Nurse
Christian Madrazo - RN
Tim McCue
Rosa McGuinness - Nurse
Brian Minutoli - Captain, Baltimore City Fire Dept.
Eileen Molinari - Nurse
Lauren Moran - ICU Nurse
Jenna Mueller - RN
Bernadette Mullane - Nurse
Meredith Mullane - Nurse
Patrick Mullane - Police Officer
Stephanie Nemenec - Hospital Nutritionist
David Nieves - Doctor
Fr. Charles Okonkwo - Chaplain at Long Island Community Hospital
Danielle (Peplinski) O'Shea - Physician Assistant, Lancaster General Urgent Care
Suzanne Ostermann - RN at North Shore, Manhasset
Brian Pellegrino - Police Officer
Jennifer Pfeifer - RN
Deacon Jacques Philippeaux - Chaplain at Mercy Hospital 
Jill Pierce - X-ray Tech
Pearl Romaska - Nurse
James Ruddy - NYPD
Marie Russo - Nurse
Stephanie Salazar - Nurse
Luz Sarmiento - Physician Assistant, MSK
Amanda Scantlebury - Walmart
Stevenson Scantlebury - MTA
Claire Stolz - Doctor
Gerri Anne Sweikata - RN
Francesca Torcolese - Supermarket Department Manager
Haydee Torres - USPS Postmaster, Baldwin, NY
Manuel "Tony" Torres - Peace Officer, CUNY, Queens College
Regine Turnier - Registered Nurse, Mount Sinai South Nassau
Denise Waddy - Nurse
Megan Watson - Immigration
Fr. Damian Umeokeke - Hospital Chaplain
Karen Wisniewski - Nurse
If you or your family member is an Essential Worker who would like to be added to this list, please send your/their name and occupation to We also welcome photos of Essential Workers at work (or elsewhere) so that we can put a face to each name as we pray - but a photo is not required.