Planning a Funeral at St. Thomas...

Funeral Masses are scheduled on Saturdays and weekdays (but not on Holy Days of Obligation) and are usually at the following times:

Weekdays - 10am or 11:00am (if 10am is already scheduled)
Saturdays - 9:45am or 11:00am (if 9:45am is already scheduled)

Once you meet with a funeral home they will contact St. Thomas to schedule the date and time of the Mass.  They will also tell St. Thomas the dates/times of the wake so that a member of our clergy can come and lead a prayer service.  Your contact information will be passed on to our Ministry of Consolation coordinator, Edith Burke, and she will reach out to you if you need help planning the funeral Mass.

The funeral home will give you a St. Thomas the Apostle Church "Funeral Mass Planner" which contains the readings and hymns for you to select for your loved one's funeral Mass.  Please indicate which readings and hymns you have selected, then answer the Personal History questions to provide details about the deceased's life.  This will be used to assist the clergy in knowing more about your loved one's life.  It should be delivered to Human Services or the Rectory, or sent to Edith Burke at humanserviceSTA@optonline in advance of the Funeral Mass.  Edith can be contacted at Human Services, 516-538-7465.

Members of our Ministry of Consolation will support the family by being present at the funeral Mass as greeters, ushers, and lectors.

Offering and Fees for a funeral liturgy: $550

We also offer a service for live-streaming a funeral, a service which began with the outset of Covid-19 but has continued in order to allow others who are not able to be with us physically at the time of the funeral, to be present to us "virtually" through the live-streamed service. We ask for a donation of $200 so that we can provide that service for you.


About cremation...

For information regarding the church's teaching on cremation please CLICK HERE.