Please pray for the sick of the parish:

Beatrice Abrezzi  *  Paula Baylis  *  Marge Bonacorsa  *  Angela Borruso  *  Rose Cabasino  *  Louis Cabasino  *  Abagail Cacovic  *  Katie Carpenter  *  Charles Castelli  *  Stephen Cavallo  *  Mark Dorfman  * Alice Ferraro  * Joanna Gregor  *  James Harman  *  Diana Baptista Hernandez  *  Andrea Jablon  *  Jerry Justic  *  Rosemarie Kane-Dorsty  *  Barry Keane  *  Chris Kideris  *  Deena LaMotta  *  Patricia Langan-Dunne * JoJo LaRosa * Darren Lincoln  *  Cecelia Lisante * Gil Maceda  *  Blanche Maddie  *  Colleen Madelmayer  *  Al Menendez * Jennie Mistretta * Vincent Mistretta * Joanne Mitchel  *  Josephine Moore  *  Mary Moran  *  Dorothy O'Grady  *  Millie Paradiso  *  Samuel Pecora * Donna Prestopino  *  Vincent Primavera * Peter Rapanaro, Sr.  *  Linda Reinen  *  Francis Saccone  *  Joe Saccone  *  Gina Scudiero * John Spaminata  *  Betty Sterling  *  Anna Stropoli  *  Charlene Tannenbaum  *  Lester Tannenbaum  *  Thomas Trinder  *  Salvatore Tuttolomondo  *  Christine Vega  *  Sam Vosganian

PLEASE NOTE:   ALL names will remain on the list THREE weeks. If you wish to have the name remain on the list another three weeks, call the Rectory to keep the name on the list another three weeks, and so on for additional weeks. Bulletin deadline: 12 noon Monday for following Sunday.  All names are alphabetically.  If you would like to have someone placed on the sick list, please call the Rectory at 489-8585. If you are homebound and would like to receive Holy Communion, please call Human Services at 538-7465. 

Please pray for the safe return of those serving in our country's armed forces:

Please pray for the safe return of Natale Franco ▪ Miguel A. Flaquer ▪ Mark E. Satira PFC James Morrison ▪ Andy Munier Justina Medina ▪ Lt. Col. John Lehane, USMC ▪ Cpl. Kieran Grogan, USMC PFC Matthew Sirianni ▪ Sgt. James A. Conklin ▪ Sgt. Joseph Giordano, USMC

Members of St. Thomas the Apostle Church stationed in Iraq & Afghanistan Lt. Col. Thomas Brennan ▪ Lt. Commander Peter J. Eberhardt Staff Sgt. Joseph D. Marciano ▪ Capt. Timothy Miller USMC Spec. Kenneth Albarran ▪ Sgt. Erich McCartney ▪ Kris Kleffman Major Patrick Sweeney ▪ Lt. Col. Paul Sweeney Sgt. Matthew R. Schmidt ▪ Sgt. Christopher McKay Joseph Della Ratta PFC ▪ Capt. Anthony Caruso ▪ Capt. Emily Ladd 1 Lt. Dennis Valdez ▪ Cpt. Joseph Munger ▪ Major Christian M. Capece, USMC have returned home safely.

The families wish to thank you for your prayers, and ask that you please continue to pray. God Bless You All.