We remember...

We remember and pray for the following deceased members and loved ones of our local community for whom we have been unable to celebrate a funeral Mass.  (Click underlined names for more information.)
Click here to view the names of those who died before and after the time when funerals could not be celebrated due to the COVID-19 crisis.
June 2020
Evelyn Bodnar
Anna Miller
May 2020
Vincent S. Abbenda
Rosa Benitez
Susan Bernardo
Mary Centeno
Rene Chave
Arthur Cusack
Juan Morel Estevez
Dorothy Geng
Joseph Guiliano
Joan Morgan
Jerry Murphy
Enrica Nastasi
Joseph John Peña
Antonio Pepenella 
Carol Ritsch
Debra Rossler
Salvatrise Trezza
Josephine Tuzzolo
Alfonzo Urbano
Lidia Veksler
April 2020
Anna Bastardi
Bernard Blanda
Edward Blumenstetter, Jr.
Marguerite Bonacorsa
Elizabeth Bynon
Emilie Caldwell
Domenica (May) Cirucci
Maria Commisso
Rosemary Corsetti
Sandra DaCosta
Rulx Dargus
Gerard DeBrosse
Lilian DeLucia
Jean Claude Desire
James Thomas DePierro
Elaine Eghert
Mark Farina
Lugri Colello Flaherty
Gabrielle Foley
Patrick Foley
John Fusco
Salvatore Giordano
Nick Gismondi
Ralph Gismondi
Grace Grantner
Vincenza Guarino
Alfred Hill
Wilhemina Hogarty
Linda Kelly
Nancy Kopecky
Bernadette Lamothe
Alice Laukaitis
Polly Lewis
Santa Lo Russo
Jeanette Mackenzie
Lawrence Males
Kathleen Marascia
Dorothy McCue
Elsie McGaffney
David Morrison
Shirley Moss
Ann Mulroy
Patrick Noone
Robert Ogenio
Gladys Palmieri
Jennie Palmieri
Jenny Rago
Steven Roth
Theresa Rummo
Elizabeth Russell
Luigi Sicignano
Conrad Smith
Richard Smith
Helen Sprance
Palma Tropea
John Yannotti
Michael Yannotti
Elizabeth Yeoman
Robert Yeoman
Esther Young
March 2020
Anthony Damiano
Anita DeNyse
Kathy Fischer
Kathleen Keely
Margaret Noone
Margaret Rentos
Irene Santulli
Vincent Sauchelli


Click here to view a Memorial Mass for the recently deceased.

We invite members of our community to contact us at 516-489-8585 or [email protected] to let us know if your loved one has died since March 2020.  Please provide your contact information so that we can follow up with you.