A Message from Msgr. Maniscalco

Posted on July 28, 2020 in: General News

Once again thanks to all who attended our Masses last weekend.  I said weeks ago that we had to go through Purgatory before reaching the heaven of celebrating together again as we once did.
We have had a Purgatory of limited space in church and chapel and procedures that seem strange and even unwelcoming.  None of this is being done except to make you safe.  Given the disease's unpredictable behavior, I would feel irresponsible not to take these steps.
Registering for Mass each week is a burden.  But one phone call or entry on our web site for each parishioner adds up to scores of phone calls and entries for our staff to record and then for others to arrange on seating charts.  To have to check in and have your temperature taken is also a burden, as it is to the parishioners who come to our church and chapel early to perform these procedures.  I am extremely grateful to the staff and volunteers who are giving so much time and energy to these thankless tasks.  I am also grateful to the members of our reopening committee.  Often we discuss if these efforts are still necessary and conclude that they are for now.  Registration guarantees not turning anyone away from Mass and provides a means of notifying people if, God forbid, someone at one of our Masses is diagnosed with the disease.

The schedule for August 1-2 is the same as last weekend:
  • 5:00PM Saturday in the church
  • 7:30AM Sunday in the chapel
  • 9:00AM Sunday in the church
  • 9:30AM Sunday in the chapel
  • 10:30AM Sunday in the church
  • 11:00AM Sunday in the chapel
  • 12:00NOON Sunday in the church
Communion is distributed at all Masses.

To register please click here or call the parish office (516-489-8585) between 9:00AM and 5:00PM during the week to speak to the receptionist or leave a message.  Registration will conclude Friday, July 31 at noon.

Please enter only by the front doors of both church and chapel and please wear a mask.

And thank you for your continued support for St. Thomas both spiritually and materially.

God bless you all and stay well.

In His peace, 
Msgr. Frank Maniscalco

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