Congratulations to Pat Gallagher, our devoted head usher of many years and very active parishioner, on being awarded the St. Agnes Service Medal by Bishop Murphy in the Cathedral on Sunday, November 20th.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of this award which Bishop Murphy instituted to honor the laity of the diocese for their many ministries and activities. Each pastor is asked to nominate an individual or couple to be the recipient of this medal which is then bestowed by the Bishop at a ceremony attended by all the awardees at the Cathedral. 

Msgr. Mansicalco stated in a letter pubilshed in the St. Thomas bulletin, "I am very happy each year to make this nomination as a way of expressing my gratitude to individuals who very much help me as your pastor by sharing the responsibility for the parish’s good works and who serve as examples for others to imitate of the service they too can offer to the parish in response to God’s goodness to us. Pat Gallagher is a most worthy recipient of this medal and a model of conscientious and dedicated service to our parish." 

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