"LTE" Coming Soon to St. Thomas

Posted on November 21, 2016 in: General News

You are invited to participate in “Living the Eucharist” at St. Thomas the Apostle.  Here is some advice from last year’s participants at St. Thomas:

“I would say go for it, especially if you’re a person that wants to be more involved with God but doesn't know (or hasn't decided) how to go about it.”

“Go ahead, don't hesitate.  You will get back more for the time you spend; it is an excellent way to get closer to Jesus.”

“By all means attend.  It will help your spiritual growth and understanding of how vital the Mass & Eucharist truly are.”

“I would recommend it!  It was interesting & thought provoking.  I learned a lot.”

“Go for it.  The fellowship that comes from the participation in the program is truly a blessing.”

“Go for it.  It's a gift you can (should) give yourself.” 

“Definitely join a group - you will love it!  Open yourself up to learning more about the Word.”

“Get involved in the program and be ready for some really good discussions and learning more about your faith!”

“Be prepared to do some serious thinking about the Liturgy of the Word and the Eucharist.  It has helped me to focus more on what's going on at Mass.”

“It's a worthwhile program.  Good faith sharing among Catholics.”

“Participating in this program helped me to hear God's voice, accept his guidance, and live my life more fully.”

“Aside from exploring and learning more about our religion it is an opportunity to meet & exchange ideas, feelings & thoughts with other people who have the same values as yourself.”

“It is a perfect opportunity to share your faith with others, and helped me to experience Lent more deeply.”

“Try it - you've got nothing to lose & may be surprised by what you take away.”

Learn more by watching this video: CLICK HERE

More details and sign-up information will be available soon.


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