New Altar Servers Commissioned!

Posted on November 11, 2016 in: General News

We welcome the new Altar Servers who were recently are commissioned to their ministry. We ask God to bless abundantly these young people as they begin their liturgical ministry in our parish. A special thanks to Michael Milone for working with and training our new servers.

The new servers are:  Brandon Avena, Brian Carroll, Bianca Lugo, Samantha Avena, Jinthin Chacko, Valerie Medrano, Jenna Biscotti, Jonathan Gregg, Aralyn Poligadu, Kevin Brennan, Juliana Imperioli, Clifford Soliman, Brendan Browne, Luke Islam, Isabella Torres, Jaren Carpentier, Luke Lang, and Melissa Velez.

CLICK HERE for photos.



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