Church Bells Ring

Posted on July 08, 2020 in: General News

Church bells have been the traditional way to summon the congregation to worship. In the Catholic tradition they are also rung at 6:00AM, 12NOON and 6:00PM to invite Catholics to pray the Angelus. In our parish, we ring the Angelus twice, at 12NOON and 6:00PM.
In the current crisis we are taking advantage of our carillon technology to invite those within the sound of the carillon to pray in their homes. Our carillon now plays these hymn tunes at the times indicated:
11:00AM - Be Not Afraid
1:00PM - All Glory, Laud and Honor
3:00PM - Amazing Grace
5:00PM - Come Though Almighty King
I hope these melodies and the words associated with them are a consolation to those who can hear them in their homes or who are passing by our church at these times.
Msgr Frank Maniscalco