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This program is designed to explore the spiritual and practical elements of Catholic marriage within the framework of sound Catholic teaching. Engaged couples are encouraged to reflect on the sacrament they are about to receive as well as the prospect for a happy and holy Catholic marriage.

Members of this ministry are specifically trained to administer this program by sharing their life experiences and their own journey of faith. Through group discussions, exercises, and presentations, they help the engaged couple to explore the many facets of married life. Some of the topics presented are: the role of communication in your marriage, conscience formation, decision-making, family of origin, children, personal growth, intimacy and Christian sexuality, and spirituality.

The goal is for the engaged couples to leave the program with a deeper understanding of married life and greater confidence as they embark on their journey.  

Primary Contacts:  Mike & Tina Durso
Phone:  516-5051080
Email:  [email protected]