"Bells are ringing..."

The carillon bells of St. Thomas the Apostle Church ring daily as a reminder that God’s voice is calling us…They can also be rung (with some exceptions*) for your special occasions such as a birthday or anniversary, or in memory of a loved one.

The occasions for which the bells are rung will be listed in the bulletin and on our parish web site, and you will receive a commemorative certificate.  The donation is $50. 

To take advantage of this opportunity please CLICK HERE for the dedication form and return it to the rectory.

The bells of

Will ring on April 21st at 7pm
In Memory of My Loving Family & Friends
Requested by: Louise Washington

Will ring on April 24th at 7pm
In Memory of John and Mary Buzzerio on their Wedding Anniversary
Requested by: Joseph & Loretta Pecora

Will ring on April 26th at 7pm
Happy Birthday to Robert P. Lee
Requested by: Carole Jockle

Will ring on April 28th at 7pm
In Memory of Father Hugh Duffy
Requested by:  Donna Martin