Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Parish Message:

What return are we ready to make the Lord for the gifts he has given us? Although Jesus uses the successful investment of money as the theme of his parable, clearly, he is not thinking primarily of material things. The servants who are successful investors are invited to “share their Master’s joy” which seems to indicate something more important than money-making. The use we make of the gifts God to us creates not material treasure which is passing bur spiritual riches which last forever. And there should no mistake about the fact that we are all gifted by God, for all of us are capable of loving him and others. We should never let the shiny object of others’ material success blind us to our potential to amass spiritual riches through simple acts of goodness. It is this spiritual wealth which God wishes to bring from this world to the next. 

Parish Intention:

How am I making use of the spiritual gifts God has given me? Am I increasing in love of God and neighbor?

Parish Intention:

May we appreciate the spiritual gifts God has given us and use them to increase in wisdom and grace.