Parish Message:

Christ, the light of the world, illumined our minds in baptism that we might see the way to salvation. We look forward to renewing our baptismal vows at Easter. Jesus gives sight to the man born blind but he also bestows on him an even greater gift -- the gift of faith so that he might perceive in Christ the light of the world and become his disciple. Ironically, the sighted Pharisees remain blind to God’s presence in Jesus even though God manifestly is doing great things through him.

Parish Question for Reflection:

Do I allow my life to be guided by the spiritual light which was enkindled in my soul at baptism? Are there ways in which I am willfully blind to what God wants me to do with my life? 

Parish Intention:

May we, like the man born blind, realize that Jesus has freed us from darkness that we may follow him along the path that leads to eternal life.