First Sunday of Lent

Parish Message:

“This is the time of the fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand.” To prepare him to begin his mission to proclaim the presence of the kingdom of God, the Spirit drove Jesus out into the desert for forty days. Desert experience in Scripture is for testing and preparation. The Jews wandered in the desert for forty years, as God tested and prepared them to enter the Promised Land. During the forty days of Lent, the Spirit drives us into our own interior desert to test us and to challenge us to go beyond where we are spiritually at present. Lent is a time to come more intensely aware of our vocation to proclaim the presence of the kingdom. It is the time to consider how we reveal the presence of the kingdom here in our own parish community. We serve the kingdom by our active participation in our parish’s ministry of worship, faith formation and service to others. Serving the Kingdom through our service to this community, we prepare ourselves to enter the promised land of full union with God in heaven. 

Parish Question for Reflection:

How am I proclaiming with my life that God’s kingdom is present among us through Jesus Christ? Am I helping to reveal the presence of the kingdom here in our community of St. Thomas? 

Parish Intention:

For greater involvement on the part of all parishioners in revealing the presence of God’s kingdom in our midst.