Second Sunday of Lent

Parish Message:

“He who did not spare his own Son … how will he not also give us everything else along with him?” Many Bible readers find the story of Abraham and Isaac profoundly shocking. How could God be so merciless as to ask Abraham to sacrifice his son, even if God did not intend for Abraham to kill Isaac. Yet God does not ask anything less than what he does out of love for us. The glorious vision of the Transfiguration reveals Jesus as the fulfilment of the law -- represented by Moses -- and the prophets -- represented by Elijah. He is, however, incomparably greater than either since he is God’s own beloved Son. No sooner has this vision ceased than Jesus refers to his death and resurrection. Although his disciples did not understand him at the time, we know that Jesus was revealing that he was not to be spared death on the Cross, Son though he was, before entering his glory. We, too, must accept God’s will, even if we do not fully understand the reasons for the sacrifices he may ask of us. Trusting in God, as did Abraham and Jesus, we shall find that he will indeed bestow on us everything that we need for our eternal peace and happiness.

Parish Question for Reflection:

Do I trust in God even when he seems to be asking things that go beyond what I think myself capable of? At these times of questioning, do I turn to God in prayer to ask for the strength to do his will? 

Parish Intention:

That as a parish community and as individuals we always be willing be to make the sacrifices that are needed to continue Christ’s saving work in our world.