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24 Westminster Road West Hempstead, New York 11552

Phone Numbers: Rectory: 516-489-8585; Rectory Fax: 516-292-2651; Religious Education: 516-538-7460; Outreach: 516-538-7465

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Dear Friends,
Welcome to the Website of St. Thomas the Apostle Parish in West Hempstead, New York. St. Thomas is a Roman Catholic faith community of four thousand families. Our parish is located thirty miles east of Manhattan, and serves as a respite for many who work in New York City. Made up of a variety of ethnic backgrounds and cultures, the community includes many young families as well as senior citizens who've seen their families grow, marry and move into new worlds.

Solidly middle-class, St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, is unusual in that it includes two distinct church buildings. One, the main Church, is located on a property which includes a full service school (pre-K through eighth grade), a parish auditorium which seats five hundred people, a rectory (the home of our parish priests), as well as a lower church which (when renovated) will house a location for perpetual Eucharistic devotion. The second parish Church which is located a couple of miles from the main Church is called St. Thomas Chapel. But if this name Chapel connotes a small worship space, our Chapel is something else again. At four Sunday Masses, the Chapel fills to over 400 congregants at each service. Both churches reflect a deep and enthusiastic faith life at this dynamic Catholic Christian parish.

In addition to this welcome to our site, let me also issue a warm word of welcome to visit our parish. If your travels bring you to the New York metropolitan area, please plan on a visit to St. Thomas. This caring and spirit-filled community will welcome you with open arms.

In the love of Christ, the Lord of Life, I am


Msgr. Jim Lisante

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