As Christians, the bells ringing from a church tower remind us of God’s presence in the world.  They summon us to celebrate Mass, peal forth joyfully on wedding days and toll on the occasion of funerals to remind us to pray for a departed soul. 

Here at St. Thomas we recently replaced our antiquated,  unrepairable, bell system with new technology  that enables us to once again call people for worship and to celebrate special occasions.

The carillon bell system we chose, manufactured by the Verdin Company, uses digital recording technology that captures the sounds of cast bronze bells.  The sounds of 62 real bells provide five complete octaves of tones for full musical expression — peals, swinging bells and a selection of songs.  Our liturgical celebrations will be embellished and heightened, and a beautiful call to worship will be heard.

 Of course, this wonderful addition to our parish life has come at a price, and we are   appealing once again to your generosity to help pay for this project.  The total cost of the carillons and their installation exceeded $19,000.  Through  the generosity of 30 sponsors, so far we have reached over half of this amount.  Please see below the sponsorship options being offered to help our funding of the new system.

ALL Sponsors will be recognized on a plaque to be placed in the vestibule of the Church with the level of support indicated as follows:

GOLD  - $1,000: Includes 6 special requests* for ringing of bells over the course of 3 years ($300 value)

SILVER - $500: Includes 3 special requests* for ringing of bells over the course of 2 years ($150 value)

BRONZE - $250:  Includes 2 special requests* for ringing of bells over course of 1 year ($100 value)

*Special requests subject to availability of specific dates.  You will be sent a form on which to make your requests upon payment in full of your sponsorship.

Please CLICK HERE for the Sponsorship Form..  Soonsorships must be subimtted by June 30th in order to be included on the commemorative plaque to be placed in the vestibule of the church.


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