Directory of Ministries and Organizations

 The Pastoral Council provides a means of communication between St. Thomas parishioners and the pastor. It also functions as an advisory body to the pastor on major parish initiatives. Representing a cross-section of parishioners, members serve by invitation of the pastor. Parishioners are encouraged to bring their questions and concerns to Pastoral Council members for discussion at upcoming meetings.

We ihave many items on our agenda including special masses and events, fundraising, suggestions or concerns of parishioners.  We also set both short and long term goals for the parish as a whole.

Our Pastoral Council members are:

Luann Viglione, Chair

William & Karen Bowe

Glenn & Rowena Gabayan   

Louis Imperioli

Matthew Krul

Annemarie & Sean Lapham

Tracey & Angel Ortiz

Peter & Coleen Petersen

Myriam Poligadu

Karen Slusser

Megan Smith

Haydee & Manuel Torres

We can be contacted in 3 easy ways: 

1) by e-mail at;
2) by letter or note dropped off at the rectory or in Sunday's collection basket;
3) or in person to any of the council members listed above.

Please share your thoughts, suggestions and ideas with us today!