Directory of Ministries and Organizations

Serving the poor and needy through practical works of charity, Vincentians work in teams of two to provide assistance to those who are in need. Their mission includes any actions that promote the dignity of the person while alleviating suffering and distress, and correcting the conditions that caused them.

The Society services the poor in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and has been active in the New York area since 1847. We are an independent Catholic organization that provides assistance based on need and not creed. The Society has active Councils in 131 countries throughout the world and over 600,000 active volunteer members.

Locally we are represented in over 60 Long Island communities serving the needy through home visits by our 1,200 volunteers. This group provided $1,369,992 dollars in direct financial assistance; and food, clothing and furniture valued at $1,406.420 to thousands of Long Island families in 2004. Separately the Central Council expended $7,297,071 dollars to provide affordable thrift stores, a financial conservatorship program, a rent subsidy program and (3) residential special needs housing programs for people in need.

As our ministry expands, so does our need for volunteers. Call the rectory and ask to speak to a representative.

Primary Contact:  Joe Koller
Phone:  538-7465

Mission Statement

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an international organization of Catholic lay men and women who seek in a spirit of justice and charity to help the poor, the needy and the disadvantaged.


The Society accomplishes its mission through person-to-person involvement, providing emergency assistance ~ material aid, emotional support or spiritual comfort in an effort to resolve the immediate crisis, to promote self-sufficiency and ultimately, to enable people to help themselves.


The poor box collections are the primary source of funds for ongoing operations.


The Society’s local work is accomplished mainly through the parish. The St. Thomas conference can be reached by contacting Human Services at 538-7465.

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores

The Thrift Stores depend on the donation of gently used clothing and furniture to support the work of the Vincentians. Our stores are an affordable alternative for working families and are the means by which clothing and furniture are distributed by the Vincentians to the needy. All who come to our stores are welcomed with dignity and respect. Our hope is that they leave as friends and return to shop with us again.