Directory of Ministries and Organizations

How many couples here at St. Thomas remember their wedding and the last days of preparation before that very special day? Would the wedding rehearsal be a part of your memories? W-e-l-l-l-l, we don’t think so, however, the wedding rehearsal couples strive to make it an integral part of the wedding preparation.

We begin at the beginning with the procession, down to the altar rehearsing all the major aspects of the wedding mass or ceremony, to the recessional and receiving line. We also help coordinate other ministries and services involved, i.e., organist, singer, florist, photographer, and limousine director. We answer any questions the couple and wedding party may have in order to help make their wedding a meaningful religious experience. In addition, we make sure that the necessary documents and information needed for the wedding are received and noted for the priests and deacons.

Through recent observations of weddings, our couples have seen a need for a wedding facilitator who represents the church to be on hand the day of the wedding. In this way the wedding party will be organized in a timely manner, the organist will know when everyone is ready to process, and the guidelines mentioned at the rehearsal are followed so that the weddings begin promptly keeping in mind the religious nature of the sacrament. Anyone interested in helping our ministry to oversee a wedding which would involve about 20-30 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday morning and/or afternoon, or an occasional Friday afternoon or evening when a wedding is scheduled, please contact the rectory.

Primary Contact:  Msgr. Maniscalco
Phone:  516-489-8585