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The Word of God is a powerful thing. It enriches, it challenges, it comforts, it inspires, it heals. The ministry of Lector  is a special opportunity to play a significant part in  bringing that life-giving Word to the parish community.

 St.Thomas the Apostle is blessed with many adults (high school graduates and above) who share their time and talent in that role. Potential new lectors attend a training session, are supplied with practice material and encouraged to review and reflect on their assignments. They are scheduled to read approximately once every 3-4 weeks at Sunday Masses, rotating among all Masses (even 7:30 a.m.) at the Church and Chapel, (Youth lectors are recruited and scheduled through the Youth Ministry and cover the 6 p.m.Mass except in the summer when it is handled by the adult ministry.)

While an hour a month is not a great commitment of time, St. Thomas lectors rarely approach an assignment cold. They use a Lector Workbook to review their readings multiple times during the preceding week, working on difficult passages for sense and pronunciation, attempting to develop a familiarity with and understanding of the text in order to proclaim it most effectively to the assembly.  The goal for each lector is to engage the congregation so that they listen to, instead of read, the passages, sharing in community the Word as well as the Eucharist, both integral parts of the Mass celebration.

Lectors also announce the Prayers of the Faithful (in the absence of a Deacon), the Responsorial Psalm (in the absence of a cantor), and the announcements. Each lector recognizes that ministry is not an honor, but a service, a commitment made – to prepare diligently, to ensure assignments are covered, and, when possible, to volunteer for holiday or holyday Masses.  But that act of service also gives something back to the lector.

One lector commented: “I believe the meaning and power of the Holy Spirit is truly alive in God’s Word. I consider it both a privilege and a joy to be the instrument through which this word is communicated to my parish community…the power of reading God’s word daily has had a transforming effect on me and my family.” 

And another said: “St. Thomas has done so much for me… I get a sense of fulfillment because this is something I feel I can give back to the church as well as the people of the parish.” 

New lectors are trained periodically, and members of the parish who are strong readers and comfortable doing so in public are encouraged to volunteer. For more information, please leave your name at the Rectory or email Christina Bosch and she will be happy to contact you.

Primary Contact: Christina Bosch, Chairperson
Phone:  516-660-3881 (cell)