St. Thomas' goal for 2017 has been set at $108,400 and we are grateful to the parishioners who have already pledged over one third of that amount, with an average gift of just over $300.  Once we reach our tageted amount our parish will receive back 20% of this amount, and 80% of any amount over our goal, to help fund programs right here in our parish.  Last year our Parish exceeded its goal and we received almost $25,000 back for programs right here at St. Thomas.  

FAQ: How much should I give?

Every gift, no matter the size, helps make a difference. Only you can decide your gift size. Prayerfully consider an amount you can afford to give each month. Pledging allows you to make a larger-sized gift without stretching your monthly budget. Whatever your gift, your contribution is appreciated. In 2016, the average annual gift to the Catholic Ministries Appeal was $275.

FAQ: Why should I give to the Appeal?

“We must always walk in the presence of the Lord, in the light of the Lord...those who walk in the light have a presence of God in them…” Pope Francis calls us to receive and give Christ’s mercy. Mercy, our Holy Father says, is a “wellspring of joy, serenity and peace.” Your gift to the CMA will extend Christ’s mercy throughout our Long Island Community.

If you have given in the past, we thank you for your generosity and hope that you will donate again. If you have not given in recent years, please consider making a gift this year as so many of our neighbors are in need. 

Please CLICK HERE for an informative video about the Appeal..